Food & Beverage Packaging adhesives

Trusted SolutionsFood and Beverage Carton Assembly Hot Melt Fail Repair

Because Glue Dots® are available in FDA compliant formulas for both direct and indirect food contact, our adhesives have become a trusted solution in food and beverage packaging.  By providing an instant bond, with an immediate solution, Glue Dots offer a way to present your product and preserve your brand.

Use Glue Dots’ food & beverage packaging adhesives to:

  • Secure products within packaging
  • Extend shelf life by securing desiccants or oxygen absorbers
  • Efficiently group small items together in one package
  • Attach labels, coupons and samples cleanly without waste
  • Perform hot melt repairs, control damage, breakage and loss keeping products on the shelf


Glue Dots are:

  • Faster and safer than hot glues
  • Cleaner than liquid adhesives and double-sided tapes
  • No mess. No residue. No odor.
  • Available in freezer grade formulas
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in FDA compliant formulas


Recommended food & beverage adhesives:

  • Standard Glue Dots products that are commonly used with hand-held applicators


Recommended food & beverage packaging hand-held applicators:

  • Dot Shot® Pro - Apply Glue Dots quickly, cleanly and precisely with the portable, handheld Dot Shot Pro. The Dot Shot Pro dispenses one or more Glue Dots’ adhesive patterns at a time and can accommodate a multitude of patterns including, standard Glue Dots, Stitch and MatrX.
  • QuikDot™ Pro - The QuikDot Pro seamlessly seals lightweight chipboard and corrugate, without cumbersome tape pads or hot melt glue guns. Together the refillable QuikDot Pro applicator and Glue Dots Brand adhesives are a fast easy way to increase your efficiency in food & beverage packaging.

Case Study:

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