Manufacturing & Product Assembly Adhesives

Manufacturing & Assembly AdhesivesGlue Dots® provide an instant, pressure sensitive adhesive bond, without the mess or cure times required by other liquid and hot melt glue systems for improved performance and increased assembly efficiency. Secure hard-to-reach components and use Glue Dots to replace or work in conjunction with slower curing adhesives. Glue Dots increase productivity and decrease costs and waste, while providing strength and flexibility for an effective fixturing solution.

Thanks to our custom adhesive capabilities, the Glue Dots team can help you design a custom adhesive solution to meet your needs, including custom sizes and continuous lines for creating air-tight seals.

Use Glue Dots’ manufacturing and product assembly adhesives to:

  • Hold electrical components in place
  • Affix non-pressure sensitive gaskets in place
  • Securing hardware packets
  • Secure protective inner-pack to keep products scratch and dent-free
  • Bond wire harness sleeves in place before heat shrinking
  • Affix spacers before foam insulation injection

Glue Dots are:

  • Faster and safer than hot glues
  • Cleaner than liquid glues and double-sided tapes
  • No mess. No residue. No odor.
  • Non-toxic
  • FDA compliant formulas available


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