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At Glue Dots, we pride ourselves on our ability to simplify the glue application process for any industry or use case. One of the main ways we accomplish this is by carrying a diverse range of versatile glue applicators. Our offerings can generally be grouped into manual, semi-automated, and fully automated applicators, differing primarily in size and method of operation.

While each device offers its own advantages, all our applicators share a number of key benefits:

  • Form strong, instant, and clean bonds
  • Require no additional drying or curing time
  • Compatible with an exhaustive selection of adhesive patterns, profiles, and formulas to match different materials and environments
  • Produce no excess squeeze out, minimizing waste
  • Require no heat for application, eliminating the risk of burn injuries
  • Accommodate any production process or scale

All our equipment also runs on the same adhesive rolls, meaning you can combine tools without purchasing additional adhesives. This repurposing is just one of the ways our products save you money while increasing utilization possibilities.

Manual Adhesive Applicators

Ideal for smaller-scale operations, our manual applicators are a convenient, portable way to dispense adhesive dots. These devices provide an easy, precise application method that results in a smooth, undetectable finish. This category includes the pocket-sized Dot ‘n Go, ideal for travel and quick sealing, along with the larger QuikDot Pro and Dot Shot Pro models. While varying in size and capacity, none of these applicators require electricity, and their smaller profiles and rugged construction make them ideal for mobility.

Manual applicators are extremely versatile, but some of their more common uses include:

  • Packaging: Sealing packages in an attractive but functional manner is a key consideration across industries. In combination with lower tack levels, manual applicators provide the flexibility necessary for securing products in their proper orientations or attaching samples before packaging. Stickier dots can also be used to professionally seal larger packages.
  • Food & Beverage: Hot melt adhesives can be precarious at best for food packaging. Glue dots can be used to repack or repair faulty hot melt bonds, or on their own to ensure a professional seal from the start.
  • Printing, Post-Press, & Mail: Paper-based industries use a large quantity of adhesives for attaching promotional items and gift cards to printed materials, closing brochures, and sealing envelopes. Glue Dots are a higher-quality replacement for competing tapes and glues, which are more difficult to apply and may come in more limited formulations.


Semi-Automatic Applicators

The Econo Dot and Auto Dot Pro make application even faster, streamlining larger-scale projects and minimizing labor costs. Compared to manual applicators, these techniques offer additional timesaving features such as hands-free, automated advancing systems and adjustable speeds. These semi-automatic applicators integrate seamlessly into your existing process while reducing cost, mess, and waste.

Semi-automatic applicators are especially beneficial for:

  • Project-oriented environments, including both short and long-term projects
  • Contract packaging facilities
  • Sheltered workshops
  • Fulfillment houses


Fully Automated Adhesive Application Equipment

Our most powerful and full-featured option, our automated adhesive application equipment works with your existing production line to rapidly and accurately apply the appropriate Glue Dots for your application. The configuration is highly customizable to suit your needs, featuring an adjustable T-base stand that can fit under a conveyor belt. Permanent mounting options and turnkey solutions are also available.

This device is ideal for:

  • Product conveyor systems
  • Automated packaging facilities
  • Customized automation


Find the Right Applicator for You

No matter your industry or application, there is a combination of Glue Dots products to increase your productivity at a competitive price. Our applicators are simple, convenient, and mess-free, eliminating the many concerns associated with hot melt guns and liquid glue applicators. To find out what applicator and Glue Dot configuration is right for you, contact our knowledgable customer service team today.


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All Glue Dots products are:

  • Mess-Free
  • Acid-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Instant-Bonding


In a Sticky Situation?

Our experts are here to help you find the perfect adhesive solutions for your business.

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