Food & Beverage Packaging Adhesives

Food & Beverage Packaging Adhesives

The food and beverage industry operates under strict regulations regarding the use of substances that may have direct and/or indirect food contact. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have published a very specific set of rules on the use of adhesives in food packaging.

The FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Section 175.105, explicitly outlines the permitted substances in adhesive formulations for the packaging, transporting, or holding of food products. In addition to the make-up and properties of the adhesive, the FDA also places limitations on the quantity of adhesive used in the packaging of both dry and fatty/aqueous foods.

Glue Dots® are rigorously tested and certified for use in food production. Our FDA-compliant adhesives are approved for both direct and indirect food contact applications. These characteristics have made us a leading provider of trusted adhesive solutions in the food and beverage industry.

Applications and Uses

Glue Dots® are ideal for securing products with varied types of packaging. Our non-toxic chemical formulations emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be customized to create permanent or removable bonds as required. Items can be secured to the package itself, or numerous products can be efficiently bundled together in a single packaging unit. Glue Dots® are also durable and reliable enough to withstand the rigors of shipping and transportation.

Glue Dots® are also useful for sealing products such as desiccants and oxygen absorbers. These compounds are sensitive to environmental exposure, so secure packaging is paramount. Glue Dots® can be used to provide a robust packaging seal, extending the shelf life of these compounds.

Our adhesive solutions are also ideal for attaching labels, coupons, and samples to food product packaging. Select Glue Dots® adhesive products are formulated to be removable to facilitate easy detachment of coupons and samples.

Glue Dots vs. Other Adhesives

Glue Dots® possess many advantages over traditional adhesives, such as:

  • Safety
    Glue Dots® are pressure-sensitive adhesives and do not require the use of heat. This makes Glue Dots® inherently safer than hot melt adhesives due to the reduced risk of burns. They are also non-toxic.
  • Speed
    Our adhesives require no drying or curing time, enabling faster and more effective glue application.
  • Customizable
    Glue Dots chemical formulations are also customized for each application. Properties such as thickness, diameter, and spacing can be adjusted to create a precision solution ideal for a specific purpose. Other adhesive properties, such as odor and color can be adjusted as per the requirements of the specific food production application. Temperature resistance may also be customized for use in special freezer grade formulations.
  • Less waste
    Using Glue Dots eliminates wastage from the squeeze-out typically associated with liquid adhesives and guarantees a cleaner application.


Comprehensive Adhesive Solutions for Industrial Applications

Glue Dots® offers a broad range of adhesives that meet the needs of any food and beverage application. If you would like to learn more about our FDA-compliant adhesive products for the food and beverage industry, or need assistance finding the right solution for any other industrial application, feel free to contact us or browse our catalog of available industrial products.


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