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Glue Dots®, the original double-sided adhesive dots, are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, glue guns, and tapes. As the category leader, the Glue Dots Brand offers a wide range of formats for diverse applications, making them an easy-to-use, pre-formed pressure-sensitive adhesive solution.

A Dot Can Do a Lot for Your Business:

All Glue Dots products are:


Our products and dispensers are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize mess.


Our adhesives are strong enough for your business’s toughest jobs but won’t ever fade your ink or degrade your packaging materials.


Glue Dots are smart and safe, making them a favorite for even the most sensitive applications like food and beverage and medical products.


Our ready-to-use dots ensure we’re never the bottleneck in your assembly line.



Industries that Dot a Lot:

  • Manufacturing: We’re a favorite in manufacturing for assemblies and subassemblies, such as securing electrical components, securing hardware packets, and affixing non-pressure sensitive gaskets.
  • Packaging: Packaging engineers are one of our most popular customers for a reason – they love using Glue Dots® for labeling, multi-packs, and closures.
  • Food & Beverage: Our FDA-compliant adhesives are approved for both direct and indirect food contact applications, including labels, coupons, and samples.
  • Medical:  The medical and pharmaceutical industries rely on us for help securing labels, outserts, inserts with safe and regulation-compliant adhesives.
  • Printing: USPS-compliant Glue Dots® are an easy alternative to traditional moisture-activated adhesives and wafer seals.



Glue Dots for Your Business:

Glue Dots are available in a wide range of temporary, permanent, and custom adhesive formulas that are designed to meet adhesion needs for diverse substrates and use cases.

Available in fully-automated, benchtop or handheld dispensers, Glue Dots are the perfect adhesive solution for businesses.


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All Glue Dots products are:

  • Mess-Free
  • Acid-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Instant-Bonding


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