Manufacturing & Product Assembly Adhesives

The physical and mechanical properties of our specially formulated adhesives can be customized to meet the unique need of almost any type of manufacturing or assembly operation. We work together with clients across the manufacturing sector to bond a variety of materials including rubber, foam, plastic, metal, and others. From preformed Glue Dots® instant adhesives to our industrial hot melt and water-based options, our adhesives are ideal for a wide range of manufacturing and product assembly applications, such as electrical and electronic devices, gaskets, appliances, fixtures, and more.

Glue Dots® Instant Adhesive Applications and Uses

Glue Dots® instant adhesives are typically used to secure a multitude of hard-to-reach components and fixtures. Our versatile product can also be used to replace or supplement slower curing tape, hot melts, or liquid adhesives. Glue Dots® are designed with strength, speed, and efficiency in mind, allowing manufacturers to increase productivity while reducing cost and waste. We also possess the capability to produce custom adhesive solutions designed to meet specific challenges posed by your operation.

The versatility of our Glue Dots® adhesives allows them to be used in an extensive range of industrial applications. In product assembly, various parts and sub-assemblies must be joined or connected with a reliable medium to ensure the durability of the final product during shipping and consumer use.

Our Glue Dots® are available in a variety of bonding strengths and tensile capacities, making them ideal for bonding applications such as:

  • Securing electrical components
  • Affixing spacers before foam insulation injection
  • Stabilizing inner packs
  • Securing hardware packets
  • Affixing non-pressure sensitive gaskets
  • Bonding wire harness sleeves before heat shrinking

When to choose Glue Dots® instant adhesives over our other alternatives

Glue Dots® offer significant advantages over traditional industrial liquid adhesive solutions. Some of these benefits include:

  • Safety
    Worker safety is of major concern in manufacturing and assembly, where workers may frequently coming into contact with adhesive compounds. Glue Dots® are inherently safer than hot melt glues due to their pressure-sensitive nature—these types of adhesives form a bond when pressure is applied, eliminating the need for heat and significantly decreasing the risk of burn injuries. Furthermore, Glue Dots® are non-toxic, meaning they will not create a hazardous work environment or adversely affect the health of assembly workers as they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Reduced waste
    Our unique formula provides superior bonding strength and durability, while at the same time, allowing for potential disassembly of bonded assemblies without damaging the individual components. The precise nature of the application of Glue Dots® means that the appropriate amount of adhesive is always dispensed during each use. This significantly reduces wastage due to squeeze-outs and results in an overall cleaner assembled component.
  • No mess
    Glue Dots® are designed to be residue-free and odor-free to guarantee mess-free application and no chemical odors on the final product.


Adhesive Solutions for Manufacturing and Assembly

The Glue Dots team of adhesive experts will carefully assess your project to determine the right adhesive formulation and/or customized pattern for your specific manufacturing and assembly application. If you would like to find out more or learn about our other adhesive options, or our other adhesive products, feel free to contact us or browse our catalog of products.


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