Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Adhesives

Secure packaging in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries must strike a unique balance to meet the demands of manufacturers, consumers, and regulators. Manufacturers require adhesives that are robust enough to keep the packaging sealed and secure during shipping and transportation while possessing enough bonding strength to provide clear visual evidence of tampering to satisfy regulators. On the other hand, the bonding should also allow consumers with limited strength or dexterity to easily access the sealed contents.

Glue Dots® offers a broad range of adhesive solutions specially formulated for use in the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide a selection of adhesive application equipment to increase packaging operation efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Glue Dots® adhesive patterns are ideal for fastening medical labels and applying inserts/outserts. As per regulations stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), specific drugs, such as ampicillin and phenytoin, must be dispensed with patient package inserts or outserts. These documents provide essential information to the end-user about the medication and its intended usage and dosage.

Glue Dots® provide enough bond strength to keep the inserts and outserts securely fastened to the package during transportation and shipping, while allowing consumers to easily detach them if required.

Our adhesive products are also ideal for pharmaceutical and medical carton closure applications. The FDA has strict regulatory requirements on tamper-evident packaging. These regulations require visual indicators be provided to confirm packaging integrity, allowing the consumer to verify that the package has not been compromised. Glue Dots® adhesive solutions can secure packages in such a way that attempts at tampering will distort, tear, or fracture the package.

Benefits of Glue Dots Over Other Adhesives

Glue Dots® provide significant advantages over many traditional liquid adhesives, such as:

  • Speed
    Glue Dots® do not require any drying or curing time, allowing for instant bonding and faster, more effective adhesive application.
  • Safety
    Glue Dots® are classified as pressure-sensitive adhesives. In other words, they are activated by the action of pressure and do not require the use of heat. This characteristic makes Glue Dots® significantly safer than hot melt adhesives which pose the risk of injuries related to burns.
  • Customization
    Our adhesive solutions are highly customizable, allowing various properties such as diameter, thickness, and spacing to be configured for each unique application. Customization options are also available for applications that impose limitations on specific adhesive characteristics such as residue, odor, and temperature resistance.
  • No mess
    The nature of Glue Dots® allows for precise dispensing of adhesive for each individual application, eliminating messy and wasteful squeeze-overs often experienced when using liquid adhesives.
  • FDA-compliant
    Our specialized adhesive formulations are also non-toxic and FDA compliant for direct and indirect contact with items for human consumption—including pharmaceutical products.


Adhesive Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Applications

Glue Dots® provides an extensive range of adhesive solutions developed for use in the medical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. If you would like to learn more about our adhesive products for this industry, or need assistance finding the right solution for your business, feel free to contact us or browse our catalog of available adhesives, dispensers, and application equipment.


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