Printing and Mailing Adhesives

The postal service and other package carriers are constantly plagued by complaints of inefficient adhesives. The integrity of the moisture-activated adhesives that have been popular in the printing and mailing industry for decades are easily compromised by time, handling, and humidity.

Wafer seals are another common adhesive solution used in this mailing operations. These seals, however, are obstructive and have a tendency to cover up creative layouts, branding, and other imagery. Some wafer seals can also increase the difficulty of opening packages and envelopes.

Glue Dots® adhesive solutions are United States Postal Service (USPS) compliant, offering a functional alternative to moisture activated adhesives and wafer seals.

Applications and Uses

Adhesives in the printing and mailing industry are meant to serve two seemingly contrasting purposes. They must have enough bond strength to keep packages and attachments sealed and fastened during transportation, while possessing enough removability to allow recipients – especially persons with limited strength and dexterity – to easily access package contents. In this regard, Glue Dots® are specially formulated to strike the perfect balance between package mailing security and ease of detachment.

Detachment ease is also essential for other items that need to be secured to packages during mailing but easily removed by recipients, such as:

  • Promotional items
  • Gift cards
  • Coupons
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochure closures

Glue Dots® come in stronger bond strengths for applications requiring a greater level of adhesion, such as accents and other creative patterns. The clear and residue-free adhesive formulations also help to secure elements to the required surface without obstructing design elements, making them an ideal alternative to wafer seals.

Benefits of Glue Dots over Other Adhesives

Glue Dots® offer a unique alternative to standard postal adhesives, providing benefits such as:

  • Safety
    Since printing and mailing items undergo extensive handling, it is essential that the adhesives in these applications do not contain any hazardous substances. The Glue Dots® line of adhesives for mailing and printing applications are non-toxic and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring that users will develop no short- or long-term adverse health effects. Glue Dots® are also inherently safer since its pressure-sensitive adhesive application does not require the use of heat. In contrast, hot melt adhesives require extreme caution due to the risk of burn injuries.
  • Speed
    Glue Dots® are instant-drying, allowing for faster and more efficient adhesion. This attribute is especially valuable in the print and mailing industry where items may need to be adhered by the thousands.
  • No mess
    Glue Dots® enable precise dispensing of adhesive, effectively eliminating wasteful squeeze-overs and overall messy application associated with liquid adhesives. Glue Dots® are also residue-free and odor-free, so they won’t contaminate mailed items with sticky glue or chemical smells.


Adhesive Solutions for Mailing and Printing Operations

Glue Dots® offers adhesive solutions carefully designed to address the challenges faced by printing and mailing operations. Our Glue Dots® adhesives are formulated to strike the perfect balance between bonding strength and detachability.

To learn more about how Glue Dots® can be used in your printing and mailing application, please contact us or feel free browse our catalog of available products.


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