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Glue Dots International has revolutionized the adhesives industry, providing a range of affordable pressure-sensitive solutions for manufacturers and advertisers. Glue Dots are no-mess, double-sided adhesive dots available in a variety of shapes and formulations. With options for manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automated applicators, Glue Dots provides a scalable solution for every application.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Many traditional adhesives require the application of heat or a chemical curing agent, presenting logistical challenges and safety hazards for many industrial users. Pressure-sensitive adhesives require no such measures, activating instead when sufficient pressure is applied to the substrate. Glue Dots cure when pressed between two surfaces, making them safe and easy-to-apply compared to chemical or heat-curing adhesives. Pressure-sensitive adhesives also do not solidify when they cure, so they remain tacky permanently.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives require a fluid, an adhesive micro-web, and a firm backing. The fluid combines an elastomer with a tackifier, a compound that increases the elastomer’s adhesive properties. Altering the chemical components allows for different levels of strength and viscosity, so Glue Dots are available with a variety of adhesive properties.

Glue Dots International’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The Glue Dots catalog includes a diverse range of flexible pressure-sensitive products and applicators designed to accommodate any workflow. 

Glue Dots

Our flagship product, Glue Dots, are double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesives available in five levels of tack. Glue Dots are clean, safe, and odor-free, presenting a convenient alternative to liquid glues, hot glue guns, and tapes. Also, unlike other pressure-sensitive adhesives, Glue Dots are pre-formed and ready-to-apply in effective, long-lasting patterns.

Glue Squares

Glue Squares offer all the benefits of Glue Dots but in a slightly different form factor. Aside from their square shape, Glue Squares differ little from their round counterparts, offering a smooth finish and reliable performance. Glue Squares apply cleanly with no mess, residue, or odor, and are available in a range of sizes, tack levels, and bond strengths.

Custom Adhesives

Glue Dots International is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of all industry clients. Whatever your assembly or packaging challenge, we’ll work with you to engineer a custom, pre-formed adhesive that suits your application. We ensure that even custom formulas are compatible with automated applicators, maximizing efficiency for high-volume operations.

Dot Shot Pro

While Glue Dots and Glue Squares typically come packaged in a dispenser box, we also offer convenient handheld dispensers for faster application. Manual applicators like Dot Shot Pro and QuikDot Pro are our simplest and most portable options, making them ideal for lower budgets, smaller facilities, and mobile packaging repairs.

Dot Shot Pro allows technicians to quickly apply glue dots in one or more custom patterns. Built to last and designed with ergonomics in mind, Dot Shot Pro is light, intuitive, and far safer than hot glue guns. An affordable manual applicator, Dot Shot Pro is an ideal entry point to industrial Glue Dot application.

QuikDot Pro

The pocket-sized QuikDot Pro is specifically designed to bind paperboard and corrugates. Ideal for food and beverage clients, QuikDot dispenses FDA-compliant adhesives capable of sealing lightweight food and beverage carriers. These adhesives are specifically formulated and patterned for cardboard packages, and the QuikDot Pro applicator dispenses the perfect amount every time.

Adhesive Application Equipment

Glue Dots works with operations of all sizes, so we offer applicators suitable for small businesses, large assembly lines, and everything in between.

Manual Application Equipment

Manual applicators are best suited for package sealing and small- or medium-volume manufacturing jobs. Our range of manual applicators includes the compact QuikDot and Dot ‘n Go applicators, as well as the larger and more rugged Dot Shot Pro. Manual applicators are simple and intuitive, and they allow for very precise placement of the desired pattern.

Semi-Automated Application Equipment

Semi-automated applicators speed production even further, allowing for high application rates with minimal wastage.

The EconoDot is a compact, cost-effective benchtop applicator that can be used with almost any substrate. When a technician presses a substrate to the EconoDot’s nose plate, the machine automatically applies the desired adhesive, smoothing workflows and improving employee experience.

Larger and more efficient, the Auto Dot Pro offers a hands-free semi-automated experience with the flexibility to accommodate multiple adhesive patterns. Featuring adjustable speed, automatic advancement, and quick reloading, Auto Dot Pro is an excellent workhorse for environments where efficiency is a key metric.

Automatic Application Equipment

The fully automatic SD-900 cleanly performs up to 300 applications per minute with an accuracy of +/- 3/32″. The SD-900 is easy to configure and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows for either continuous or intermittent use. An optional T-base stand makes the SD-900 fully adjustable, ensuring that users can position the applicator at any height necessary. In addition, both left and right configurations are available to minimize any necessary adjustments to the existing setup.

A fully automated applicator is best for high-volume manufacturing or packaging, offering a quick return on investment with minimal ongoing maintenance costs. We recommend the SD-900 for many of our pharmaceutical, packaging, and print advertising clients.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Applications

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are a mainstay of many industries, and Glue Dots takes care to offer customized solutions for different markets.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives are frequently used to seal boxes and secure items in place for shipping. In these contexts, liquid glues and hot melts often prove messy and can compromise the quality and appearance of the final product. They can also lead to unpleasant odors, which can be irritating to consumers.

Glue Dots solve all these problems, eliminating the mess and the odor for a clean and professional presentation. Glue Dots can be used to seal packages, secure promotional labels, or temporarily join products in a multi-pack. Although these applications each require different tack levels, our applicators serve as an all-in-one dispenser for multiple adhesives, simplifying the packaging process.


Manufacturers might also employ pressure-sensitive adhesives on products themselves. Glue Dots can be used to bundle products or affix stickers and labels. In industrial settings, they can also be used to bind wire harness packets, affix spacers, or join sub-assemblies prior to shipping. For retail settings, Glue Dots are ideal for attaching lightweight samples to another part of the product or to the package itself.

Printing and Mailing

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are extremely popular in print marketing applications as they allow papers to be bound together without damage. This makes them an ideal choice for newspapers, flyers, letters, pamphlets, and brochures.

A USPS-compliant adhesive, low-tack Glue Dots offer a clean and accessible solution for sealing mailers. They have the tack to keep materials closed in transit, but still allow recipients to easily break the seal without damaging the print.

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Glue Dots are a clean, odorless, and safe option for applications requiring pressure-sensitive adhesives. Available in a range of tack levels, multiple FDA-compliant options, and custom formulations, Glue Dots can be incorporated into almost any manufacturing, packaging, or print setting.

Glue Dots International is a leading manufacturer of innovative industrial adhesives. In operation for over 20 years, Glue Dots has developed an extensive range of adhesives differing in viscosity, bond strength, application temperature, and tack level. FDA-compliant and completely custom formulations are also available for customers with unique needs.

To learn more about how our adhesives and applicators can simplify your workflow, contact our sales team today.