Craft Dots™ 3-Pack


Craft Dots are versatile adhesive dots for a multitude of craft, school, hobby, and art projects.  This 3-Pack includes:  Three 200 count rolls of 1/2" diameter Craft Dots for a total of 600 dots. Perfect for Kid's Crafts, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooks, Cards, School Projects, and More

  • Creates an Instant & Permanent Bond to Paper, Foam, Plastic, Metal, Glass, and More
  • Acid Free, Photo Safe
  • Clean, Safe Alternative to Liquid Glues, Hot Glues, and Tapes
  • Non Toxic, Kid Friendly

Create Crafts that Last

Glue Dots bond fast to a wide range of materials, and works best on:
Wood & Paper
Plastic & Glass
Metal & Ceramic
Foam & Fiber

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Nancy Reid

Great service!